Why Get Hurricane Windows and Doors

Why Get Hurricane Windows and Doors
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The most obvious and most upfront answer as to why to purchase Hurricane Windows and Doors is Safety. If you live along the coast, you know how a hurricanes can be very destructive – you can spend hours securing plywood to openings around your house or place of business. Hurricane windows can help by giving you more peace of mind when a hurricane is coming your way. Hurricane windows (also known as impact resistant windows) main design is shatter-resistant glass securely fastened to a premium built vinyl frame. The windows consist of two layers of annealed or laminated glass bonded to a high resistance shatter proof membrane in the center. This center layer is made of an impact resistant film which can vary in thickness based on the window size. Our windows are made to meet or surpass the impact requirements of standard Hurricane windows. If for some reason the outer layer does break the broken/shattered pieces will adhere to the center layer of film; in contrast to a window with non impact resistant glass which can be very dangerous and allow broken glass to fly into your home at very high speeds.
Structural Integrity 
Yes – windows can play a very crucial role in maintaining the safety of your home. When a window breaks because of hurricane force winds outside; it can allow for massive destruction to occur inside your home by allowing water and debris to enter. The difference between inside and outside pressure can also be so great that, in order to stabilize the pressure, your roof can give way. 
Conservation Construction of Texas knows what can happen when a window or door fails in these intense situations. With more than 28 years of experience and service in the industry; and with thousands of professional installations under our belt, we know what it takes to be the best Hurricane window provider for our customers. Give us a call for a Free estimate. 
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Why Get Hurricane Windows and Doors
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Why Get Hurricane Windows and Doors
Why Get Hurricane Windows and Doors can be a lifesaver.
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